Water Corp Open Water Series Round 5 @ Leighton Beach

Congratulations to all our members who successfully competed in the 5km race at Leighton Beach this morning, in very pleasant water conditions. The field was very strong, with the top 30 all breaking 1hr 10mins. Well done to:

Jon Haines (a phenomenal 1:09:51!)
Damon Kendrick (1:13:43)
Shaun Jessop (1:17:34)
Perry Molendijk (1:19:07)
Mark Williamson (1:21:37)
Jackie Gardiner (1:34:36)
Steve Okely (1:46:50)

All the results can be found at: http://results.au.eventdirector.net/List.asp?a=1&EventID=4156&RaceID=5KM&nDBFirst=1