New Services during training

New Services during training

Hi Perth City Swimmers

As you have found out already, we have increased the kick in the sessions. There is reason for this:

– A strong kick is the first key of your swim. It gives you a good body position and it stabilizes your swim.

– It is a great cardio workout

Just a few hints and tricks to improve your kick:

– The more you kick, the better you get.

– The kick is initiated from your core and abs. The stronger your abs, the better your kick. The kick should look like when you kick a soccer


– Remember, the speed of your kick is in the upwards movement. The power is in the downward movement. So your legs should go around 30 to 40cm under the water line.

As a result of the increased kicking, the coaches offer 400m kick time trials. We know, it is a painful way to get your mileage done but well worth it. Please see the coaches roster for the dates for these time trials. They will be offered on a 2 monthly basis. The first time trial will be on 4 September.


In addition to this for the lead up to Rottnest Channel Swim, your coaches will offer a monthly 1500m time trial. It will be held in the last week of the month. The days will rotate from Tuesday this month, Thursday next month etc to cater all swimmers who cannot swim on certain days of the week. Again, please see the Coaches roster published in the Coaches Section. Please let your coach know that you would like to do a time trial. The 1500m time trials will commence on 30 September.