Dale Alcock Swim

Dale Alcock Swim

Well done to the Dale Alcock swimmers 2 weekends ago! We had some swimmers competing in the 2km and some in the 1km event and out on the best breakfast spread there!

Event Results: 2km

Overall, we placed 2nd in the MSWA State OWS Championships event event, well done everyone!

Jon Haines 22:29 2nd in his age group, 5th overall

Sam McLennan 22:34 2nd in his age group, 7th overall

Allison Hass 23:23 1st in her age group, 14th overall

Shaun Jessop 23:25 5th in his age group, 15th overall

Dan Soanes 23:31 6th in his age group, 16th overall

Erica Price 24:26 4th in her age group, 22nd overall

Mark Williamson 24:52 1st in his age group, 29th overall

Kim Judge 25:42 4th in his age group, 45th overall

Michael Calway 26:11 2nd on his age group, 51st overall

Steve Raynes 27:31 7th in his age group, 62nd overall

Brett Thornett 28:04 9th is his age group, 73rd overall

Steven Jestico 28:08 12th in his age group, 74th overall

David Sarolea 30:59 12th in his age group, 101st overall

Roslyn Soanes 32:12 9th in her age group, 114th overall

Damon Edwards 35:15 16th in his age group, 142nd overall

Event Results: 1km

Ben Burwinkel 14:05 1st overall! Congrats Ben!

Anthea Airey 19:30 1st in her age group, 8th overall

Here are some picture from the day!