COVID-19 May Update


Hi PC Swimmers!

I hope everyone is safe and well during and I hope you have still been able to get some exercise during these challenging times!

Some of our swimmers are turning into triathletes, walking, running and cycling.

Many have kept up the occasional ocean swim in spite of the water getting cooler!

On the plus side it seems we are now through the worst of it and tomorrow the WA Government will outline which restrictions will be eased next.

Of course we are all keen to see if, and how, this will relax pool swimming restrictions.

I called John Fielding today for an update from Perth College.

He informed that Perth College have yet to compile any guidelines.

However once they have the details resulting from tomorrow’s WA briefing they will provide the protocols that we must follow to allow us to use their pool and facilities.

It is likely that they will be similar the restrictions we experienced initially. i.e. no gathering before and after swimming, no use of indoor showers.

However there may be new restrictions including limiting the number of people in the pool at any one time.

Once we know the full protocols, our committee will determine how we will implement them.

We will then communicate them via email and Facebook.

It is essential we adhere to the instructions provided by our committee which will comply with the WA Government Directives.

We will not become complacent and we will do whatever is necessary to preserve the health of our members.

Hopefully I will be able to give you good pool-swimming news shortly.

Take care,

Jon 😉