2nd Annual John Porter Sprint Cup

2nd Annual John Porter Sprint Cup

The Second Annual John Porter Sprint Cup & Club Picnic is on Saturday 6th June, 10:15am @ Perth College.

The John Porter Sprint Cup is on again and John Porter himself (a club member for 15+ years) will be here to present it !

This fun event is based on two handicapped races, a 50m Freestyle event and a 50m Backstroke event. You must swim both events to be eligible for the cup, and it’s your combined time that counts.
Handicaps will be based on the lane you normally swim in and some kind of estimate of your current best time.

The Cup is back up for grabs from last year’s winner ‘Where’s Waldo’, aka Chris W, so let’s see if someone can steal it from him!

Following the JPS Cup, we’ll have the BBQ cranking and rustle up some bacon’n’egg burgers at $5 each, so bring your cash.